Fizz Burgers & Bottles

I love to eat outside at restaurants.  There’s a limited window of springtime before it gets sweltering hot outside.  Currently, it’s peak patio dining time!  But here’s the thing, don’t forget the patio patrons, dear servers!!

I recently ate for the second time at Fizz Burgers & Bottles.  It’s a small restaurant, but only a mile away from me.  The first time, I had a traditional cheeseburger and regular fries.  I immediately regretted not getting the sweet potato fries.  I knew that I had to right this wrong.

Enter the mushroom Swiss burger and sweet potato fries.  Throw in a Stella for good measure.

Yum!!!  Fizz has “spicy ketchup”.  I think Heinz is perfection, so I wasn’t having any spicy ketchup nonsense.  So, I stuck with ranch for the sweet potato fries.  They did not disappoint.  Now, what was disappointing was the lack of waiter presence on the patio.  I got much better service the first time.  I will definitely go back, but I may have to forgo the patio.