Mac & Cheese Please

A quick update:  I did see Horrible Bosses finally this week.  HILARIOUS!  Loved it!  I’m going all out and saying I liked it better than Bridesmaids.  I love me some Charlie Day.

And I wanted to talk about my dinner from tonight really quick.  I’ve been internally battling myself at the grocery store lately regarding boxed mac & cheese.  It’s so good for dinner…except I’d eat the whole box for dinner and call it good.  A box of mac & cheese isn’t a good idea for dinner…at least not for this lady.

Last night, I saw on  Sweet Tooth Sweet Life that Courtney had bulked up her mac & cheese though.  Could I add a bunch of veggies and protein to make it a more complete meal and resist eating it all?  YES!

Annie’s Shells & White Cheddar, make per directions on box

While pasta is boiling, I sauteed up some zucchini, red onion, and baby bella mushrooms in some olive oil with salt and pepper.  I added a can of white chunk chicken and a can of Muir Glen diced tomatoes.  Mix together prepared macaroni to sauteed vegetables.  I also added a wedge of Laughing Cow Sun-Dried Tomato & Basil cheese for extra creaminess.

Serves about 4.  Estimated calories:  275 per serving

It was DELICIOUS!  Very filling and I was satisfied after one serving.  My only wish was that I would have added more mushrooms.

My other “tip” is my blue bowl above.  I recently bought a few bowls marked “Primary” bowls, i.e. for small kids.  They were fun colors and I love that I can fill up the bowl to “trick” myself into thinking I’m getting more food.  I know this idea has been around forever, but it works for me!

Do you have internal battles with yourself at the grocery store or restaurants??