Restaurant Review: Frankie’s

Holy fights!  Big Brother finally got good tonight!!!  It takes a bit of time for the house guests to stop being nice to each other.  But the show gets GOOD when the gloves come off.  :)

I’m almost done with my restaurant recaps from Charlotte.  I really need to stick to a better blogging schedule!  I have 2 more restaurants and at least 3 recipes that I’ve yet to blog about.  Don’t you hate when real life gets in the way of your blogging!?  :)

While in Charlotte, NC, I had lunch with my friend, Kelly.  Kelly and her husband, John, are expecting their 1st baby (a boy!!) in December.  Kelly started IM’ing me around 11 am about lunch.  I kept saying 5 more minutes.  Finally around 11:40 am, Kelly IM’ed me with a THE BABY IS HUNGRY! message.  Oops.  Okay, let’s do it.

For lunch, we went to Frankie’s, which is in the Gateway Village area of Charlotte.  The restaurant was called Town when I lived there.  It changed to Pie Town shortly after I moved away.  And NOW, it’s called Frankie’s!  Geez!!  I think it’s always remained within the same restaurant group, so not sure what’s with the revolving door of concepts.

Frankie’s is a good location area for lunch for people working in the area.  I venture to guess that they keep changing concepts since it’s not a happening area at night/weekends.

I started out with an iced tea.  Having forgotten that I was in the South (technically, I suppose), I about gagged when I took a swig of sweet tea.  Ick.  I do NOT like sweet tea.  In the Midwest, sweet tea is not the norm.  I quickly ordered a Diet Coke (old faithful) instead.

For lunch, I went with the Italian Chicken Dip.  I’m not an Au Jus person, but the roasted peppers were calling my name.

The sandwich was just okay.  The bread was kind of dry.  It was more tasty just eating the chicken sans bread.

Kelly is a fan of their steak fries.

I think they just shook some powdered Parmesan cheese on these fries.  I didn’t even eat very many of them.  So sad!  I foresee another restaurant concept change in Frankie’s future.

Do you like sweet tea???

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