Book Based
Is there a book you really loved that was turned into a movie?  Did it live up to your expectations?  Why or why not?
In general, it’s very risky to see the movie of a beloved book.  It’s almost a better idea to read the book after seeing a movie that you like, such as I did with Twilight!
The Time Traveler’s Wife–great book, so-so movie
Little Women–great book, great movie–not so much for Jo/Winona Ryder, but for introducing me to Christian Bale as Laurie.  Oh sweet, dear Laurie.
Most John Grisham books are also good movies—The Firm, The Pelican Brief, A Time To Kill….all good, not so much the John Cusack & Chris O’Donnell ones though.
The Da Vinci Code–great book great movie, just average for Angels & Demons on both counts.  Sequels generally disappoint on both counts.
Little Children–both are kind of depressing.
The Notebook–great book, great movie.  Now, Nights In Rodanthe, blah, only read the book because it was a book club selection and didn’t even make it through the movie.
The Other Boleyn Girl–loved the book!  The movie was a big disappointment.
Atonement–I actually liked the movie better than the book!  I think the book was too heavy for me and the movie was just easier to understand.  The same for The Kite Runner.  The movie was easier to follow.  The book with all of the foreign names made it hard to remember who was who.
My Sister’s Keeper–great book, okay movie….I’m quite sure Cameron Diaz only got to play the Mom because she bought the rights to the movie.  I remember that my friend, Kelly, FREAKED out during the movie because they changed the ending too.
PS I Love You–great book pretty good movie—wasn’t really feeling the casting of Hilary Swank on this one.
Circle of Friends–great book, great great movie–yay Minnie Driver.  Chris O’Donnell, you redeemed yourself from my previous John Grisham comment.
A Mighty Heart–fairly good book, fairly good movie
In Her Shoes–I think the movie & book are pretty on par.  I enjoyed them both.
Bridge to Terrabitha—maybe it’s hard to say since I read the book in grade school.  I remember it definitely being my first heavier subject of book.  It was no Sweet Valley Twins, but I LOVED the book.  Maybe I built it up over the years.  When the movie came out when I was an adult, it didn’t hold up.
The Lovely Bones–didn’t like the book (gasp–society & reviews say I should have loved it), didn’t like the movie.
Something Borrowed–as I mentioned before, LOVED the book, LOVED the movie!
The Devil Wears Prada–good book, GREAT movie!  I like the movie more because you get to see the fashion and makeover scene, etc.
Eat Pray Love—didn’t like the book, didn’t like the movie.  (Sorry Julia)
Hey, this was a fun game!