And in another installment of Julie goes overboard…

So, above is a picture of the books that I own and HAVE read.  There is another row of books behind on the middle shelf too.  I really need to invest of some nicer, bigger book shelves.

People, the above picture isn’t the overboard picture.  I’m proud that I’ve read these books.

But I have a bit of a confession.  I’m a book hoarder.  I can’t believe I didn’t keep Borders in business.

These above books I also own!  Annnnnnnd haven’t read yet.  Oops!  A lot of these I got through Quality Paperback Books.  It’s like Columbia House for books!  So, I did get some good deals.  But come on, I’m out of control!

I really want to get a Kindle too, ha!  I’ve told myself that I won’t get a Kindle until I read these books.  But let’s not kid ourselves.  It will take me forever to read these and I’m not waiting forever for a Kindle.

Do you notice any of my to-read books that you highly recommend??  I’m always just randomly picking a book when the time comes.

Note:  yes, I already know to jump on the Hunger Games book!!  But you see, I know if I read that one, I’ll only in turn have to buy TWO more books to finish the trilogy!!!

Another note:  Do you see that huge book on the top right?  I NEVER would have ordered The Pillars of the Earth online if I had known it was 5 million pages long!!!!  It gives me hives just thinking about tackling that book.