Restaurant Review: Knolla’s Pizza

I need help.  I can’t stop playing Zuma Blitz on Facebook.  Stupid game.  I hadn’t played it for quite awhile since most of my online time is spent reading blogs now.  But I clicked on the devil again recently and I got sucked back into the time waster.  You’d think that since the game is only 1 minute long that you wouldn’t spend much time playing.  But NO that’s how they get you.  You tell yourself, just one more minute, just one more game….then an hour later you’re still playing! Now usually, you only have about 10 “lives” before you run out and have to wait for more.  But this weekend, they offered a free 24-life.  Twenty-fours free to play without stopping!  Ha.  I’m pretty sure I wasted about 3 hours over the course of the weekend playing.  My hope is that I’m so sick of the game now that I won’t want to look at it for a long time!

Did I seriously just write a whole honking paragraph about a Facebook game?

I just blogged about making pizza yesterday.

And now I’m blogging about going out for pizza.

Hey, I heart pizza.

Knolla’s Pizza has been around Wichita for a long time.  I never lived close to one of the locations until this last time I moved back to town.  I’d recently been talking to a guy that used to work there.  He explained that the restaurant has really changed over the last few years as one of the owners got divorced and the ex-wife got a big chunk of the restaurant.  Said ex-wife married into the family and no one else in the family liked her.  Supposedly she fired all of the family members on her ex’s side that worked there.  DRAMA.  At the time, I thought the guy was just exaggerating.  But if you look under the History part of the restaurant’s website, it certainly alludes to something….

I love a juicy story.

Knolla’s (East Central) has a small dining area.  It’s easier just to get your order to go.  But then you miss out on the people watching.  I most recently went there on a weeknight.  There were families.  There were kids playing video games.  There were co-workers still dressed up from work getting together.  There were middle aged men wearing softball shorts and t-shirts.  There was an old lady wearing her housecoat, yeah.  Good people watching!

On to the food….you can get thin New York Style crust or Deep Deep Chicago style.  I opted for thin.

One slice of The Works:  Italian and pork sausage, pepperoni, mushrooms, green peppers, onions, and black olives

I took off the olives as you can tell.  I do not like olives, at all, ick blah.  And I’ve decided that I don’t like Italian sausage either.  Something in the seasoning just turns me off.  I feel like I have major dragon breath after eating Italian sausage.

One slice of the Cheeseburger:  beef, onions, diced pickles, mustard and cheddar cheese

THIS CHEESEBURGER PIZZA WAS SO GOOD!!!!!!  I don’t even like pickles on my real cheeseburgers.  But somehow this pizza just works.  Seriously, so yum!!!!!!!  I definitely recommend the cheeseburger pizza at Knolla’s.

I only tried the cheeseburger pizza because Kristen had recently commented on seeing pickles on pizza on a menu recently.  Now I can say, yes Kristen it IS good.  Try it!

After dinner, I had to get rid of my Italian sausage breath though.  I could have come home and brushed my teeth.  Or I could get ice cream.  Decisions, decisions.

I opted for a small Strawberry Blonde, which is strawberry ice cream, graham crackers, caramel, strawberries, and whipped cream.  YUM!  I live within walking distance of a Cold Stone and this was the 1st time I’d been in the 2+ years of living here.  (This is a good fact, people!)

After reading through this post, I probably should hit the gym!!  :)