Watch This

Movies, movies, movies!!!

One of my favorite past times is going to the movies.  I’d much rather go to the theater to see a movie.  It’s the experience of the other people, the sounds, the cushy seats, the previews, the overpriced drinks….okay, I don’t love that part.

But when I watch movies at home, I get distracted.  I rarely watch a DVD at home from start to finish in one sitting.  I always start…then stop to fold some laundry…start again….stop to check my email, etc etc etc.

So, I went to see 3 movies over the past 2 weeks.


Drive with Ryan Gosling

I can’t even explain this movie!  I mean, I understand what it’s about and what happened.  But it’s just SO different from what I was expecting.  I didn’t really research the movie.  I just saw Ryan Gosling…hot…driving…action movie…Ryan Gosling…hot….I’m sold.  This movie is NOT a traditional action/robbery getaway movie.  It’s an artsy, brooding version of that.

I truly appreciated the uniqueness of it.  The acting is great.  Ryan Gosling has limited dialogue in the movie.  He’s definitely the strong silent type.  The movie HEAVILY relies on the music/soundtrack.  And I can say I LOVED the music in the movie.

There’s even a line in the main song of the movie that says “It’s hard to explain.”  My thoughts exactly.  See this movie at your own risk.  I still can’t even decide if I liked it or not!  (I still love Ryan Gosling as an actor though.  I love Lars and the Real Girl.)


Contagion with a crap load of famous people

I was supposed to see this movie last week.  But then I caught a cold.  There was no way I was going to go see this movie with a cold!  Ha!  I knew people would gasp in the theater and freak out if I started sneezing or coughing.  :)

I did enjoy this movie.  It’s like Outbreak, but seemed a bit more realistic.  Or maybe since it’s more modern it seems more realistic.  It takes you inside what would happen if a new vaccine had to be developed and how people/countries would react in the interim of a vaccine being readily available.  It gets you a moral dilemma, not just the science of it.

The part I took away:  people touch their face 2000-3000 times a DAY!  Eww!  I just caught myself doing it a few seconds ago too.  Stop, Julie, stop!


Moneyball with Brad Pitt & Jonah Hill

I really liked Moneyball!  Brad Pitts plays Billy Beane, the manager of the Oakland A’s.  He’s struggling with how to compete with teams like the Yankees that have a much bigger budget to use.  In walks Peter Brand (Jonah Hill) who uses statictal analysis to help rate players that they can get for a “bargain.”  The only factor for wins is how often they get on 1st base, because that equals runs which equals wins.  They are no longer thinking about players’ other factors like traditional scouts used.

Okay, that summary may sound boring.  But it’s not!  It’s a really interesting movie.  It’s written by Aaron Sorkin, so have some faith!  And Brad Pitt is great in this movie!  He has really great hair in this movie too.  😉


Drive:  see the movie if you’re up for something unique and love music
Contagion:  don’t see the movie if you’re a germaphobe
Moneyball:  see the movie.  Period.

Also, check out Rock Star Dad’s blog!  Kevin is super nice and featured 3 of my recipes today.  :)