Nutter Butter Ghost Cookies

I’m leaving for Austin in the morning for 6 days of vacation!  Hooray!  I’m driving versus flying.  Driving means I’m free to MAJORLY over pack!  Tonight, I kind of just threw a crap ton of clothes into bags.  :)

But before I go, I made you some cookies.  Okay I use the word “made” loosely. I was seriously in love when I saw these cookies in Food Network magazine.

Nutter Butter Ghost Cookies


Nutter Butter cookies
Marshmallow Fluff
Black Icing


Spread fluff on cookies.  Let fluff settle on cookies for a few minutes.  Add icing for eyes.

I immediately put my cookies in the fridge to try to keep the icing eyes from bleeding.  But then I decided it looked more creepy with the bleeding ghost eyes.  Spooooooooky!!!