Austin Vacation Recap: Day Two

If  you missed day one, click here!

On day two of vacation, I didn’t make it to Austin.  Oops!!  I stayed down in Kyle (where my family lives) and San Marcos.  On Saturday morning, we went to my cousin’s son’s T-ball game.

Run!!!!!!  I have to say my cousin’s son, Austin (they named him that before they moved to TX), is pretty awesome!  He’s super talkative which I loved.  I haven’t seen him in a few months, so I figured he’d be shy at first.  But he was a chatterbug the whole time I saw him.  We’re BFF’s.

After the game, my aunt Jill and I went to San Marcos to hit up the outlet malls!!!!  They have two big outlet malls in San Marcos, which I couldn’t pass up.  We actually only made it to 1 of the malls before I was broke tired.

Some of my purchases:

Skirt from the Gap (I got 2 shirts & a sweater from Ann Taylor Loft too that I didn’t photograph.)

These cute coffee dessert plates.  I’m saving them to display in my new kitchen for whenever I move (next April hopefully!).  It will be my design inspiration piece.

Fall place mats from Marshall’s

Cute platter

Halloween cookie cutters, which I’m 100% sure I won’t use before Halloween.  But it will be fun to forget about them and then find them again next year when I unpack Halloween decorations.  Surprise!!  I should use the fall leaf cookie cutter before Thanksgiving though!  That’s a good tangible goal for me.

Toasted coconut body wash & lemon lotion….which I needed like a hole in the head, but I’m a girl and couldn’t resist.

Blue wallet from Fossil and an owl wallet from Marshall’s.  When I checked out at Marshall’s, the cashier asked me if I saw the panda wallet too.  I said, yes I did…but owls are more awesome, first off.  And secondly, at 32 years old I’m already too old for this owl wallet probably…and I’m DEFINITELY too old for a panda wallet.

I do get compliments on my owl wallet from the 19 year old baristas at Starbucks though.  :)

Blue/grey clutch from Fossil….$15, y’all!

Grey purse from Fossil…….I got a watch from Fossil too and a bracelet that I failed to photograph.

Dang, I spent a lot of money.  I blame my aunt.  She was an enabler.  “Oh you’re on vacation!!”  “It’s okay to treat yourself!”  “Just use a credit card!”  Ha!  :)

And my most favorite purchase……

Say hello to my gold Coach bag.  I heart it.  She’s my new baby.  I feel like a fancy pants when I tote it around.

After spending all that money, I needed alcohol! It was back to my aunt & uncle’s for a BBQ.

Would you like a margarita or a Bloody Mary?  I opted for one of each.  My uncle Carl was a great bartender.  He made me a Bloody Mary the next morning too.

My aunt Jill & aunt Ann

The 3 of us boozing it up!

OH OH OH…..if you live anywhere there is an HEB grocery store, BUY THIS.

Roasted Pineapple & Habanero Dip….oh, you can buy it online too.  I need to do that.  :)

Take that baby & pour it over a block of cream cheese.

Devour it with crackers.  Nomnomnomnom.

Cheeseburgers.  I never did figure out why one lone burger had a Kraft single and the rest had “real” cheese.

Baked beans

Queso & chips.  Now, they dip their Nacho cheese Doritos in queso.  That’s….weird, to me at least!  I tried it.  I’m adventurous like that.  I still prefer the classic plain tortilla chip for my queso though!

After dinner, we played poker.  I lost.  No surprise there!

That wraps up my day of helping revive the economy with my spending!  :)

(This recapping is fun for me!  I’m getting to relive the whole trip.  Not sure why I procrastinated on blogging for so long!!)

More tomorrow!!!