Austin Vacation Recap: Day Three, Part One

If you missed day one & two, please click here!

Sunday was a GREAT day in Austin.  I spent the day exploring the city and getting the vibe.

But first off, brunch!

Threadgill’s  had been around since the 1930’s and it said to be where Janis Joplin got her start.

Their theme:

Dang.  It’s that good.

What are sport peppers???  I tried to get my cousin’s son to try one, but he wasn’t brave enough.  :)  I googled it and sport peppers are typically added on Chicago style hot dogs.  Now I know!

My brunch:  potatoes, eggs, watermelon, sausage, biscuit & gravy.  And coffee, of course!

They put tortilla chip strips on top of the eggs.  Is the normal in Texas??  It was good, but didn’t necessarily add anything to them.

I enjoyed the vibe at Threadgill’s.  There are pictures everywhere of different musicians that have played there.  There was also a really nice Gospel band playing in the back room on Sunday.  I would like to go back at night to hear other music and have some beers.

After brunch, I was off to spend the afternoon with my aunt Ann & uncle Bob!

One of the top things on my list…

The Whole Foods flagship store!!!!!!  O.M.G. it’s so big and wonderful and magical.

I love sandwiches about as much as Joey from Friends.

Seriously?!  It’s a never ending salad bar.

Holy Cow!  Literally…holy cow…look at all of that cheese!

Between the wine tasting, beer tasting, and all the free sample stations…you can have a good time at Whole Foods!  :)

Standing by all this fruit made me feel healthy.  Ha!

Part two tomorrow…..with BATS!