Restaurant Review: Copper Oven Cafe

Tuesday was my birthday!

It was a reason to eat cake.

Or cookies, if that’s your thing.

My parents offered to take me out to dinner on my birthday.  My Dad asked where I wanted to go.  I immediately said the Copper Oven Cafe.

I had dessert on my mind.

The Copper Oven Cafe & Bakery has been around for a number of years.  My parents used to eat there quite a bit when my Mom worked near there.  She said she likes to go there because the clientele is oldddddddddd.  So it makes her feel young.  :)  So, I must have felt like a toddler there then.  Which was nice, since I’m not pleased about turning 33.

The Copper Oven has a hometown, small cafe vibe.  I’ve never had bad service there.  Everyone is very friendly.  For my entree, I went with the dinner special of Chicken Pot Pie served with a side salad and steamed veggies.

I had a Fattoush salad first, which I failed to photograph.  It was really tasty.  They cut their croutons up very small, which I hadn’t seen before but enjoyed.

My chicken pot pie was DELICIOUS.  The crust was very flaky and a good filling.  There was no crust bottom though which was a little disappointing.  It was more like chicken soup with a flaky topper.  I wasn’t a fan of the vegetables on the side.  They were bland to me, but my Mom enjoyed them.

I thought it was a bit heavy to have a roll on the side with the crust.  But, the roll ended up coming in handy to dunk in the pot pie filling.

And the real reason that I chose the Copper Oven Cafe for my birthday dinner…

I knew that I could try a little of three desserts.

My selection:  Red Velvet Cupcake

Can you see the border on this cupcake liner????  It’s AWESOME!!  You don’t have to dig into the cake to get the liner off.  The owner said they are called skirted cupcake liners.  But I’ve googled them & can’t find anywhere to buy them.  Does anyone know?????  The owner said he gets them from a restaurant supply store up in KC and they aren’t cheap though.  I wonder if I could pay him to give me some.  I’m obsessed with finding these liners!

My Dad’s selection:  White Buttercream Cake

My Mom’s selection:  Brownie

And yes, I made sure that none of us ordered the same thing.  :)  I actually like my Dad’s cake the BEST!  I took a huge bite of frosting….with virtually no cake on the fork.  That’s how I like it.  :)

All 3 desserts were very good though!  If you live in Wichita and need to take dessert somewhere and don’t want to make it….stop by and get some from the Copper Oven Cafe!