Restaurant Review: Soul Gastrolounge (Charlotte, NC)

A few weeks ago, I went to Charlotte, NC for my birthday and to visit friends.

And to meet this little guy.

My friends, Kelly & John, had their son, Conley, in November.  He’s so cute!  And Kelly’s already lost all her baby weight plus some.  Whaaaaat?!

First up, after a SIX HOUR delay, I finally arrived in Charlotte.  My bestie, Sarah, picked me up at the airport and we immediately head to Soul Gastolounge for dinner.

Soul is a very chill, tapas restaurant in the Plaza Midwood area.  It’s been voted one of the best restaurants in Charlotte.  It was such a nice night out (in January even!) that we were able to eat outside at 8 pm.  I immediately needed a drink after being in airports since 5 am.

Sweet Heat cocktail:  tequila, jalapeno simple syrup, fresh squeezed lime juice.

Jalapeno simple syrup!!!!!!  This cocktail was so rocking!  I need to figure out how to recreate it.  Ah-mazing.

I also ordered the white bean & goat cheese dip.  It was good, but not worth giving up the stomach space.

That was reserved for:

Pork belly tacos topped with watermelon & balsamic vinegar.

I’d never ordered pork belly before.  But they talk about it on Top Chef all the time, so I knew I needed to try it.

DELICIOUS!!  If you haven’t tried pork belly before, go for it.  Immediately.

Sarah ordered another complete winner too:

Polenta & mushrooms.  I was skeptical of this one.  I’ve never been a fan of polenta/grits.  But maybe I’ve just always had them cooked poorly.  This dish was so creamy and yummy.  I could have licked the bowl clean!!

Finally, Sarah and I split some sushi.  I really can’t remember which roll we got.  I believe it was the Crunch roll.  A+ for presentation on it!

If you’re in Charlotte, rush out to eat at Soul!

And don’t forget to Cheers! me with your Sweet Heat cocktail for telling you about this place.