Weekend Ramblings

1.  I finally got on the Downton Abbey bandwagon this week!  Please tell me that Mr. Bates and Anna get married!!  When will MY Mr. Bates come into my life?!  I may throw a temper tantrum if Season 2 Disc 1 isn’t in my mailbox tomorrow.

2.  I’ve been dreaming of Trader Joe’s horseradish pub cheese since I had it at my friend, Sarah’s, in Charlotte.  Sadly, there is no TJ’s in Austin (until next year!)  But I did find Pub Cheese at Super Target this week!!  Hot Buffalo Wing flavored pretzels dipped in pub cheese…DO IT!

3.  After reading so many positive things about the Clarisonic, I bought one myself.  I’ve always had bad skin, which at 33 years old is utterly unfair.  Clarisonic, bring me a skin miracle!

4.  I went to JCP this week to buy my Mom a Mother’s Day present.  Annnnd, I bought myself this ring and 2 pairs of sunglasses.  Loving the ring!

Don’t worry…I got Mom a present too.

5.  I gave Haley a bath yesterday.  Ha!  Obviously, you can tell that she just looooooves baths.  Hehehe.  She will turn ignore me for the next 48 hours to punish me for her bath torture.

Have a great Cinco de Mayo / Kentucky Derby Day!