My Third Month Living in Austin

I do have a complaint from my 3rd month living in Austin.  No, it’s not the heat.  I’m a Kansas girl, so I’m used to the heat.

It’s the dang crickets!!!  No one forewarned me that crickets come out in vengeance in June!  It’s been ri-di-cu-lous!  Crickets everywhere!  Outside….INSIDE my apartment….INSIDE at work.  Supposedly, Austinites are just used to such grossness.  I, however, have spent the last few weeks being creeped out and peering around corners wondering if yet another cricket will be in my bathroom.  Eww!

Luckily (knock on wood), I’ve only seen about 2-3 crickets a day over the past few days.  So, fingers crossed that I won’t have to battle them again for another year!

What Has Julie Been Up to Her 3rd Month in Austin!

1.  My parents came to visit me!!  It was so great to see them and show them around my new city.

2.  Restaurants/Bars I’ve Been To:

Cover 3
Jack Allen’s
Ten Oak
Eddy V’s
The Broken Spoke
Blind Pig Pub
Amy’s Ice Cream
Evangeline Cafe
The Salt Lick
BJ’s Restaurant & Brewery
Little Woodrow’s
Patsy’s Cowgirl Cafe
Magnolia Cafe
La Madeleine

3.  New Experiences

Wonderful multi-course dinner at Uchiko called The Dessert Project…benefiting the Austin Food Bank

Google Austin Mac & Cheese Tour — loved!

Joy the Baker book signing

Took my parents down to San Antonio.  It wasn’t new to me, but new to my Dad to check out the Alamo and the Riverwalk.


If you missed Month One and Month Two of Living in Austin, check them out!