Slice of Life: Make It Sweet (Austin, TX)

My procrastination when it comes to blogging is baaaaaaad.  I’m trying to get better though!  I’ve blogged every day so far this month.  Yay me!

In my attempt to play catch up, I was reminded of a fun class I took.  Make It Sweet is an awesome baking supply shop in North Austin.  They offer a ton of classes too!!  In May, I had the pleasure of attending a cookie decorating class with some other great bloggers.

We learn some great tips of thinning out royal icing to make the flood icing.  I always wondered how the icing stayed on the cookies!  :)  We also learned some fun ways to make swirly designs & whatnot on the cookies.  Toothpicks come in handy!!

Our instructor showing us her skills!

I love that Make It Sweet has cameras and monitors so that you can see exactly what the instructor is doing.

My finished masterpieces!

I’m hoping to sign up for one of the cupcake decorating classes next!