Weekend Ramblings


New books to read!


Chili supper with family last night


Loving this seasonal ale!


Weekend poker game…I came in 2nd! (Yes, those are Smirnoff Ice playing cards…random!)

Benedict-Cumberbatch-Mart-006 source

I recently started watching Sherlock via Netflix. I’m on season 2 and am in loooooooove with Dr. Watson.

Last night, I was reading Entertainment Weekly and there was a blurb about The Hobbit. I stared at the picture for a solid 30 seconds. Wait what?! Dr. Watson is The Hobbit!? The Hobbit is Dr. Watson?! Worlds colliding…p.s. I’m weird.

martin-freeman-the-hobbit-an-unexpected-journey-poster source

So, then I had to, of course, IMDB Martin Freeman. The porn star stand-in guy from Love Actually?!

Martin-in-Love-Actually-martin-freeman-577227_1024_576 source

I’m not sure if my observation skills were severely lacking or if it’s a sign that Freeman is a good actor. I’m going with the latter.