Ulta Haul

I recently went on an online Ulta spending spree!! They were having a sale & I caved. Some of the items are for Christmas presents though unless I crack and open them for myself.

Do you want to see what I bought? No, well then good day to you, sir.

And if yes, then we’re two peas in a pod! Come on over & we can experiment with make-up and paint our nails.


1. Philosophy body wash in Honey Buns & Spiced Gingerbread Cookie.


2. Butter London Glam Rock nail polish set

A lot of my nail polish is old…like I seriously needed to throw away a few bottles years ago old. I’m going to force myself to purge old bottles to make room for the new. Too bad I just bit off my nails recently. I’ll have to wait for them to grow out before I can try out these colors.



3. Urban Decay’s Naked Shimmering Powder

Eh, I probably needed this powder like I need a hole in the head. I usually use a tinted mineral veil, but that’s not shimmering!!



4. Stila’s Waterproof Smudge Stick Eye Liner Set

I’ve been using Lancome’s liquid eye liner for years. And while I really like it, it’s hard to apply it in a thin line. I wanted to try out a color other than black for a change, but if you’re going to do green eye liner, it needs to be a thin line. Also, I’m sure that 34 year olds shouldn’t wear green eye liner, but that’s a discussion to debate with myself internally another time.



5. Philosophy Fruitcake Mix

This set is meant to be a gift. But oh, I really want to try that pecan sugar scrub!



6. Urban Decay’s Naked Eye Shadow Palette

So this is actually the only thing I intended to buy from Ulta. I’ve had my eye on it (no pun intended) for a long time. But $52?! I’ve heard wonderful things about the colors though. I’d previously went the cheaper route and gotten the Naked Basic instead. And while I do like it, I wanted more options.

Thank you for humoring me in my make-up post! If you see any of these items way way cheaper at Ulta on Black Friday, don’t tell me about it! :)