Weekend Ramblings

1. Candles burning during the holidays are a must for me. I currently have 7 candles burning in my apartment. I told you I’m obsessed!

mint chocolate candle

2. I’ve started reading more lifestyle/fashion blogs. They haven’t made me want to take daily selfies of my outfits. But they have led me to try more outfit combos and think more about accessories.


3. I got some mini candy canes for a work event & have a lot leftover. They are perfect to melt into hot chocolate. It’s my lower calorie, cheaper version of Starbucks peppermint mocha.

peppermint hot chocolate

4. Gold glitter nail polish. I’ll be wearing this polish through the end of the year.


5. I recent went to the John Mayer concert with Jessica. It was my 2nd time seeing him and the first time was better. His last 2 albums had more of a country feel and I’m more of a fan of his previous songs. But I understand and he even said so, that he wished he could play everyone’s favorite songs (mine is Vultures) but when you have so many songs it gets to be impossible.

These annoying ladies behind us kept shouting for him to play Gravity. First of all, HE CAN’T HEAR YOU! And secondly, that’s one of his most popular songs, that will be the encore song. Of course, the ladies left before the encore and missed their song. Their loss!!


John Mayer




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