Trail Mix


Happy Monday, folks!! It’s hard to be happy about a Monday. But having a new fun snack to get me through work will help.


My aunt recently gave me these Blue Diamond toasted coconut almonds. They are AWESOME! Actually, I’m not seeing them on their website. If they are a limited time item, I need to go stock up, STAT.

I decided to mix things up a make a some trail mix.


I threw together my almonds with some banana chips, sunflower seeds, orange flavored cranberries, and chocolate chips.


You control the flavor with your ratios of ingredients. Add more nuts for a saltier mix. Or add more of the sweet stuff if that’s your jam.

This trail mix is great just to nosh on when you’re tiding yourself over until meal time. Or add it on top of your yogurt for breakfast. I did that this morning with some blueberries as well and it was great (sans the chocolate chips for that go-around). And yesterday, I add some to my oatmeal breakfast. It was fantastic! A few melted chocolate chips in oatmeal…twist my arm.