Slice of Life: Blanco Lavender Festival


Last weekend was the Lavender Festival in Blanco, TX. Having never been to Blanco and having never been to a lavender festival, I thought hey why not?!


When first arriving at the festival, there were a variety of tents set up with vendors similar to a craft fair. It took at least 20 minutes before we saw anything lavender related. Most of the lavender related booths were at the back of the festival, which seemed like odd placement.

For lunch, we had lavender lemonade, a ham & cheese crepe, and peach lavender ice cream. I was a fan of all 3 items. The lavender lemonade was very refreshing after having walked around outside. I couldn’t even remember the last time I had lemonade. The crepe was tasty too…I added bacon to mine, which is always a good idea. The ice cream was good too…mainly because I was so hot by the time we ate it. It was overly frozen, so it took a while to be edible. And let’s be honest, I don’t think you go to a festival in a small town for the best ice cream out there. It’s more for the experience and having a fun afternoon.









Jessica was a fan of her hypercolor straw.

After having our fill of the actual festival, we made our way down to one of the lavender farms. Silly us–we thought we’d actually SEE LAVENDER at the LAVENDER FESTIVAL. But the festival “grounds” are more about products to buy, which in retrospect makes sense. So over to the Imagine Lavender Farm we went. I swear you had to drive so far back on a dirt road to get to the farm…I commented to Jessica that this would be a perfect place to hide a dead body. Interestingly enough, she still hangs out with me after that comment.




Would I go back to the Lavender Festival next year? No, I won’t to be honest. But that’s not that I wouldn’t recommend it to someone that’s never been. It was a lovely afternoon and nice to do something outside of Austin. I just feel that once you’ve crossed it off our list then that’s good enough.


{Last photo courtesy of Bake Me Away}