Brunch Spotlight: Freedmen’s

Freedmen's Austin

When thinking of a new brunch spot to try, I don’t automatically think of BBQ. But I will now! I hadn’t been to Freedmen’s since an AFBA event over a year ago. It is a little harder to navigate due to yet another apartment/condo building going up in Austin. Once I was inside the patio area, all was well.

Freedmen's BBQ Austin

Freedmen's Austin patio


Freedmen’s serves brunch on Sundays. They do take reservations, which you may want to do if you’d like to sit inside. They have ample outdoor sitting which was my preference. However, if it had been much hotter or if you wanted a longer leisurely brunch, the summer sun + your “meat sweats” wouldn’t be the best combo.

Drink Me Freedmen's Austin

For my brunch beverage, I tried the Drink Me. It’s a combo of tequila, lime juice, Campari, ginger beer, and basil. I’m a sucker for a cocktail with ginger beer. Although I had no problem finishing the drink, I would suggest just sticking with a Moscow Mule for your ginger beer fix. Or ever better, opt for a Bloody Mary which for brunch at Freedmen’s is $3 cheaper than the Drink Me.

Freemen’s has a limited brunch menu. You can order from the regular menu though if you’d not in an egg-y mood. Brunch, eggs, and me are BFF’s though. And man, oh man, I’m glad we invited brisket to our friend circle.


The Barbecue Benedict was delicious. The foundation was a hearty biscuit, not fluffy, so it could hold up to the meat. On top of the biscuit, you have your choice of meat. I went the brisket route. Over the meat, there are two poached eggs with a creamy smoked tomato hollandaise sauce. I would go back and order this again immediately!

My only caution is that it was quite peppery! I do love a lot of pepper, so I didn’t mind but those who aren’t into a lot of spice—what’s wrong with you?–I mean, you may want to ask them to go easy on the pepper for you wimps. I tease, I tease!! Now, go dig in!!

Freedmen's Austin barbecue benedict brisket

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