October is here!
Oct 01, 2011

Hello October.  I’ve missed you!

To celebrate your return, I had my new favorite oatmeal combination for breakfast.

Maple & Brown Sugar oatmeal with almond milk, a dash of pumpkin pie pie and a spoonful of pumpkin.

Heat and add a spoonful of chunky peanut butter.


For lunch recently, I’ve been recreating my favorite sandwich from Jason’s Deli….the Turkey Reuben.

An open-faced sandwich on beer bread…that I made with the Pumpkin Wheat beer I recently bought.  The beer bread is topped with mustard, deli shaved chicken (I didn’t have turkey), pepper jack cheese, and sauerkraut.  Delicious!

The most important part of October 1st is being able to break out all of my Halloween decorations.

In going through my decorations, I found my black wig from last year.

I was Snookie from Jersey Shore.  ;)

Some of my favorite Halloween decorations:

Beaded spider web coasters

Spider web cereal bowls

Pumpkin tumblers

Happy Halloween decorating!

Cartoon Breakfast
Jun 06, 2011

Do you have The Hub TV channel??  It has a lot of retro cartoons on it.  Strawberry Shortcake, My Little Pony, Fraggle Rock, Pound Puppies, etc.  I’ve been known to turn on Fraggle Rock in the mornings.  Sometimes you just need a break from Matt Lauer, ya know?

The Hub always has episodes from my beloved Jem & the Holograms cartoon.  Is the theme song running through your head now??  I recently watched an episode.

It did NOT stand the test of time.  First of all, the episode was about one of the band members getting KIDNAPPED because the Misfits were trying to make her late for a concert.  Second of all, she gets free and a random cowboy on a motorcycle offers her a ride and she accepts!  Third, on their stranger danger motorcycle ride there were no helmets being worn!

So, to recap I grew up loving a cartoon about kidnapping, riding with strangers, and not wearing helmets.

Whew..I’m lucky to be alive!

Oh, and I also don’t eat Cookie Crisp for breakfast while watching cartoons any more.

It’s oatmeal many a days.  Stick to your ribs & keeps you full for hours oatmeal.

My favorite way:  oatmeal with almond milk and tons-o-cinnamon, sliced banana, sprinkle of Chia seeds, a few tbl of Grape Nuts for some crunch, and a skiff of PB&Co Bee’s Knees PB.

What was your favorite cartoon to watch growing up??