Pizza Wrap
Sep 08, 2011

I did it again.

I realize that I need more books to read like I need a hole in the head.

But come on, there’s only about a week left before Borders closes.  And it’s 70-90% off now, people!!  Fiction books are only $3-$5!  I couldn’t pass up that deal.

I was hoping there would be more cookbooks left, but they were very picked over already.  I did get this Foodista cookbook that looks really good though!

Four of the books that I bought have a food theme too.  :)

I would have bought more books, but I couldn’t carry anymore to the register!  I put one book back because I started to think I already owned it.  (Yes, I have a problem!)  I checked when I got home and I don’t own the book, so maybe I’ll have to venture back this weekend and see if it’s still there.  It was The Cookbook Collector if anyone has read it and wants to weigh in.

In the end, I got 13 books and spent $51.26.  But I SAVED….

Hey…I also made lunch today too.  :)

This pizza wrap was inspired by the Hungry Girl’s show on the Food Network.

You’ll need a:

an individual portion of string cheese
diced tomatoes

I used about 5 big slices of pepperoni.  Ignore the rogue brown rice on there too.  I used some of my diced tomatoes from yesterday’s lunch.

Heat that wrap on your George Foreman grill for 5 minutes and then devour it!!!

It was SO good!!!!!!!!!  And it was under 300 calories!!  You can easily make this low-cal wrap any time.  Just be aware of the ingredients.  I used a low-carb, soft taco sized tortilla, organic pepperoni, and skim string cheese.

I’m leaving my George Foreman grill out on the counter because I KNOW I’ll be having this wrap again tomorrow.  :)