Book Review: The Bungalow
Jan 30, 2012


The Bungalow by Sarah Jio

I just read Sarah Jio’s Violets of March last month and LOVED it!  So, I was super amped to read her new book, The Bungalow.  With both of Jio’s books, there is a war/historial fiction/romance/mystery element.  With Violets of March, it’s focused on the girl still in the States during the war.  And in The Bungalow, it’s focused on the girl going to Bora-Bora to help with the war efforts.

The Bungalow follows the story of Anne Calloway.  She has went to nursing school to learn a trade never thinking she’ll use it as she’s engaged to a wealthy man.  Something inside is gnawing at her telling her that she needs to help with the war effort and she also needs an adventure before settling down.

Cut to Anne and her best friend, Kitty, traveling to Bora-Bora to join the Army Nurse Corps.  Anne stumbles upon an abandoned bungalow where she meets a soldier, Westry.  They become friends and decided to fix up the bungalow and keep it their secret.  From there, the friendship turns to love and Anne is torn between passion and her commitment to her fiance back home.

The Bungalow is a very quick read.  I’m becoming a fast fan of historical romance.  Parts of the book are highly predictable though.  Maybe it’s because I’ve read the Violets of March and knew Jio’s style.  But I would have liked more surprise elements.  All in all, still a good read!!

4 out of 5 stars